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22nd of May, 18.00

@University of Arts, Bucharest (str. Griviței nr. 28)
Free entrance.

A panel discussion on how fear and it’s component parts combine to form with Gergő Horváth (curator of BB6), Adrian Dan (artist), Erwin Wurm (artist), János Sugár (artist), Filip Gilissen (artist), Jan Kaila (artist, professor at Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinky), Carlos Aires (artist), Liviana Dan (interimary director of MNAC).. Moderated by Răzvan Ion & Eugen Rădescu (professors at University of Bucharest).

As archaic use of fear was defined as a mixed feeling of dread and reverence. Dread is today defined as great fear or apprehension. Reverence as deep respect for someone or something. There is a paradox in mainstream Christianity, for example, which is presented as a religion of love, but which alienates with its dogmas and backs up fears of the temporal world with threats of Hellfire to come. It is tyrannies not democracies which thrive on the politics of fear. At the same time tyrannies does not mean also violence. Means very respectful fear. A fear which you believe is good because will protect you from evil. Fear has a stronger biochemical component than some other emotions, and there is little to be done by reason if really strong fear takes hold.

The participants will explore the double meaning of the word apprehension, the fear or anxiety that something bad might happen and in the sense of comprehension.

Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art

Str. C.A. Rosetti nr. 36 (crossing with Str. Jean Louis Calderon),
Bucharest 020015, Romania

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